Commission guidelines




Please do not use my art for commercial purposes, including, but not limited to advertising and marketing. If you desire art for this reason, please contact me so we can discuss the rate.



★Each character = $90 (-$15 for bust only or -$20 for portrait only)
- Complex designs (wings, spikes, scales, etc) = $10-20
- Complex clothing, complicated tattoos, etc = $10+ based on complexity- Alt versions (color variations, expressions, etc) = $5-$30 based on complexity- Armor or weapons = $25-$80 based on complexity.
★Flat color/textured background = free


★Detailed backgrounds = $30+ based on complexity


★Private commission (not posted anywhere, included) = +50% of total


★RUSH OPTION (start asap after payment, no wait list, finished in 1-10 days based on complexity of project) = +50% of total
- Non-rush pieces can take up to 30 days



★ Clients receive one round of changes after sketch is delivered.
- For a full redo of the image, with a different reference image, an addition $10 is required.




Please attach references onto the email in a ZIP file. It is the easiest and most reliable way for me to access it!

Text-only descriptions will not be accepted


- Commissions of OCs that are not yours are fine, I will contact the creator on your behalf. If they decline or do not respond in 48 hours, you may choose a different character without losing your spot.


If you add your address, I will send you a laminated print of your picture!